Most Popular

“Anti-Black Misandry: 9 Versions” (Updated)

“My Thoughts On Surviving R. Kelly” OR “What If R. Kelly Were A Black Woman?”

“Why Was Black Generation X Fatherless?: A Brief Statement On Why Many Black Men “Left” the Family In The 1970s” (Addendum added)*

“Straight Black Men Are the Scapegoats of Black People: VSB’s Black Eugenics Renaissance and the Pandering to Make Attention Outweigh Death”

“From Amadou Diallo to Mike Brown: Challenging the Institutionalized Profitization of Black Male Hatred in Law Enforcement, Media, and Extremist Black Feminism”

“Black Masculinism: A Working Framework”

“Coogler’s Brilliant Black Panther?: Africans, DOS, Woke Black Women…and Oh Yeah, Dying Black Men”

Nate Parker, Nat Turner, and Nationalism(s): A Review of ‘Birth of A Nation’

“Male Rape Information Sheet”

“Black Men’s Big Concussion: Gross Capitalism, Sports Entertainment, and Sub-Prime Corruption – Part 1” A Black Masculinist Film Review of ‘Concussion’

“The Ballot or the Bullet: Defining the Scope of Black Male Participation and Hyper-Vulnerability in the New Radical Activism”

“Black Male Privilege in One Hand and Bull$#! in the Other, Which One Fills Up First?: Challenging the Myth of Black Male Privilege”

“Racial-Sexism, Gendered-Colorism, Desensitization, and Black Masculinity: Why Black Males Need to Identify Racial-Sexism Against Them”

“Nigeria’s Missing Girls and Incinerated Boys”

“Black Manhood and The Best Man Holiday”

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