The Onyx Report

Welcome to The Onyx Report: a critical analysis-based show focusing on the experiences, histories, and perceptions of Black males in American society. I am Dr. T. Hasan Johnson, associate professor of Africana Studies at Fresno State, Black male advocate, and Black Male Studies scholar. In the show, we examine current events while engaging concepts ranging from institutionalized anti-Black misandry to gynocentrism from a Black Masculinist perspective. Our goal? To remind people–even Black males themselves–of Black men’s humanity.

Episode #5: Interview with Psychotherapist Dr. O’Shan Gadsden
Episode #4: Interview with Philosopher Dr. Tommy J. Curry
Episode #3: Gynocentrism & Media
Episode #2: Anti-Black Misandry Defined
Episode #1: Black Masculinism