“Watch For the Bait-N-Switch: When the Contempt Isn’t For Kevin Samuels But For You, Black Man” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

These articles are a damned disgrace. No one mocked bell hooks when she died. No one called her a manhater to any wide degree—despite that she argued that the Central Park 5 were likely guilty and low-key blamed Black manhood for their “behavior.” No one posted multiple tweets of people ridiculing her when announcing her death. No group celebrated published think pieces, essays, videos, and news reports where they high-fived and bragged about how good life will be now that she’s dead. And unlike Samuels, her works are required reading in universities around the world—and her public career at least 40 years longer. And this also applies to other late feminists such as Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. No one did such in any widespread way like we’re seeing with Kevin.

The fact is that Kevin’s death has been used as an excuse for people to justify their anti-Black misandry since the hour it hit social media. It’s also being used by some men to virtue signal their sick addiction to female approval, often from some of the very women that have little but contempt for them too. The very ones who interpret any critique as hatred while spewing venom at men, suggesting men treat it as wise counsel to be meditated upon.

As for me, I don’t disrespect the dead, even if I didn’t respect them in life. For Kevin however, I not only respected him, I appreciated the courage it took to confront his own community and point out the ills he identified in both genders, but especially the gender that has been on the offense of blaming Black men for the last 40 years at least—and unlike Black men, did so with the support of mainstream media, the academy, and private/federal/state philanthropic support. In a community socialized to hyper-revere and adore the feminine to the degree where they’re believed to be above criticism, he held a mirror up to highlight their practices and beliefs about men, only to be hated and scorned for the reflection it laid bare. So many examples of contempt for men in interviews, even from the most wholesome seeming women who at their base, really only saw men as a resource to be used and not valued.

Still, few observe that he spent years critiquing men before the last two analyzing women (and critiqued men during his last two years too). But none of that seems to matter. So from faux-notions of “bad karma” to witchcraft to feminist Christian notions of his death being God’s wrath for “disrespecting” (Black) women, we’re at a point where the unchecked contempt for Black males in some circles will serve as another Black Masculinist turn—especially for some men holding on to certain communal ideas of blackness that have been on the decline intraracially for the last few decades (and no, I don’t celebrate such). Like with Ice Cube in the Cocktails with Queens interview, many men will be shocked at how much vitriol will be on display that will soon have no obvious connection to Kevin, and will be directed at them.

The contempt and hatred has been ongoing, but this time the “dancing on his grave” as it were will spark, I think, a response from men that many will not understand and the media will ignore or mischaracterize. It will likely spark a further distancing from those who try to couch their misandry as justified…and though via Kevin, fail to realize that they malign the very men they want—and the only ones who actually value them despite their low-key contempt for Black men and boys.

2 thoughts on ““Watch For the Bait-N-Switch: When the Contempt Isn’t For Kevin Samuels But For You, Black Man” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

  1. “Respect IS Paramount”, I learned that just yesterday( listening to your show). I lament over all that every foundational Black Man in the hells of North America has had to endure & continues to endure. I deeply appreciate this specific approach u’ve taken here in your article. As women we MUST SEEK shelter in grace and humility. FOR that is the key to us awakening out of this trick bag we’ve operated in for soooo long. I am concerned over the DANGER that black women run to on a daily basis(BLACK GIRLS ROCK) & other poisonous things like “get the bag” madness, there really is no where to run… we need our men to save us from our own anxiety. To every Black Man in America as direct descendants of captive slaves seek refuge in protecting your thoughts for U ARE the very atom of life. I SALUTE, HONOR, & CHERISH EVERY Foundational Black Man in Amerikkka.🙏🏾 I am under the Authority of a beautiful Black Man🙏🏾
    He saved my life & I am giving myself a fighting chance. Your article is critical. Mr. Kevin Rashan Samuels is being used as a cover, for something so insidious & diabolical. I am reminded of the work of Dr. Wesley Muhammad, “UNDERSTANDING The Assault, on the Black Man, Black Manhood, & Black Masculinity. I salute and honor your greatness Dr. T. Hasan, Sir. U R a breath of fresh air.

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