A Clarification: Black Male Rights Advocacy by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

To be clear, I am a Black Male Rights Advocate (BMRA). Politically, socially, ideologically, and conceptually I stand for the prioritization of Black male humanity for boys and men over conjecture and stereotype. Both my advocacy and research stand fervently against anti-Black misandry in all forms and contexts. That said, I’ve purged those from my life who stand for the denigration of Black males. If I’ve somehow missed you, feel free to vacate my page (and my space). Trust, I’ll not lose any sleep over it. As a man, I’ve long since learned how to stand alone on principle when those around me follow trends.

I’m a strong advocate for an independent approach to the study of Black male life that allows BMRAs to speak unapologetically and accurately. Thus, my creation, The Institute for Black Male Studies (https://www.instituteforblackmalestudies.com), is independently financed (by myself and everyday supporters). Feel free to support if you’re so inclined (patreon.com/THJohnson).

Also, I stand with the brothers who’ve helped me start the Black Male Political Agenda. It is not complete so suggest additions if you feel compelled. Regardless, it’s a strong start…

My main point is the work is being done. Brothers are on task. I hope you join the movement.


One thought on “A Clarification: Black Male Rights Advocacy by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

  1. Peace and blessing dr. and bro. I appreciate the work that you and others are doing. Taking a stand for us and giving us language, insight, comprehension and validation is key and is imperative for the next generations of young black boys. Thank you.

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