“It’s Not Rape If the Kids Want It…But Only For the Boys” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

“Dealing with? Sigh…

Watching people perform mental gymnastics in the comments of the original post for this article trying to pathologize boys and men and subtly excuse women of accountability.

The subtext being that women cannot truly be pedophiles because the boys have been “programmed” by other men to want it. So in other words, if “men” program “boys” to want to drink poison, the woman who gives the boy poison is excused because the boy harshly demanded it…and only the boy and the man deserve critique. Women, at most, can be subtly referenced, but to me even the amount of time we DON’T spend talking about female sexual aggressors is a pass that we’ve grown way too comfortable giving. This is especially visible when the genders are reversed and 46-year old men have sex with 16-year old girls. No ambiguity (or nuance) there… He’s a pedaphilic rapist. The only shifting qualifiers here are gender and chivalry… The consequence of this is that as a community and a society, we don’t know how to account for female-initiated acts of evil, and we don’t know how to hold females accountable for their actions. And despite activism to the contrary for generations, far too many are comfortable playing in the margins of equality and accountability when it comes to acknowledging such crimes while they push for agency and special access to advancement when convenient.

We have to develop new mechanisms, policies, and approaches to protecting Black boys and men, and dismantle old approaches that only further demonize them—even when they’re vulnerable.

One thought on ““It’s Not Rape If the Kids Want It…But Only For the Boys” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

  1. Thank you for your brilliant assessment of a complex dynamic between genders. Sexual abuse of Black males by white females can be traced back to our enslavement as Africans in (the yet to be united states of) America. Today, white females are generally perceived in our society as ‘minorities’ and ‘victims’ who cannot possibly benefit, inherit – and live with – unearned patriarchy and privilege from their white male counterparts

    Additionally, ongoing academic theory, popular social discourse and wanton personal opinions have replaced racism and white supremacy with feminism and intersectionality. Black male death is profitable, yet Black female discrimination is credible. I appreciate your consistent, unapologetic uplifting of brothers!

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