Fellas, LET HER GO: Terrell Pryor, Abuse, and the Black Gynocracy

Too many Black men have been taught by the gynocracy that they can’t (and shouldn’t try) to do better when picking mates.

But fellas, I’m here to tell you that being alone is better than living with such abusive treatment. In truth, solitude is quite seductive on its own, as is meeting new women who actually respect you.

With Pryor, even though they’ve framed this as bidirectional intimate partner violence (they used the term “mutual”), notice how she wasn’t hospitalized. Put differently, this NFL football player ends up in the hospital requiring surgery, but she gets 2 years probation with no injuries—but it’s mutual? Although this conforms to the data on bidirectionality, there’s more going on here. In essence, upholding this narrative of female innocence is starting to get too damned expensive.

“Pryor was hospitalized Nov. 30, 2019, after being stabbed in a dispute involving what Pittsburgh police described as “mutual combatants.” A source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter at the time that Pryor was stabbed in the chest and shoulder and underwent surgery.

Pryor and Briston remain romantically involved, according to Colafella.”

2 thoughts on “Fellas, LET HER GO: Terrell Pryor, Abuse, and the Black Gynocracy

  1. Thank you for your direct, forthright and urgent perspective. We have to change our thinking around gender, manhood and violence. Black men ARE victims of physical, sexual and verbal abuse, but the prevailing academic and social theories of feminism and intersectionality don’t affirm our humanity.

  2. Thank You Brotha.
    Too Many Times, Black Boys, And Black Men Suffer In Silence, Due To No One Caring About Our Plight.

    The Time Is Now To Flip That On It’s Head, And Be There For Each Other, And Not Allow This To Continue!!!


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