Stories about Black men wanted!

I’m writing a book on Black men and masculinity, and I’d like your input. As some of you know, I’m a widower. I noticed after my wife died how much more difficult things became–but in a unique kind of way… People started to treat me more and more like a threat in situations where before, esp while she was with me, they’d assume I was non-threatening. In other words, when needing help in stores, or seeing me in public, or being pulled over by police, as long as I was with her people would think well of me. However, without her (or my infant son), even longstanding colleagues at work began to see me as a potential threat–with no difference in behavior on my part!

I started collecting stories from Black men a year ago about such things, and found some that were hilarious, while others heart-wrenching. It amazes me just how much we accept everyday that most know nothing about. These were stories of racially-gendered micro-aggressive acts that weren’t as extreme as Trayvon Martin’s per se, but enough to test your sense of calm nevertheless.

So, I’m asking you to share some of those stories with me now… Post in the comments below or email me at

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