“Was Stephen A. Smith Right?: The Domestic Abuse of Men” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

*New post-script at the very bottom.

Stephen A. Smith’s (pictured left in the video above) recent comments about women provoking their own domestic abuse in relationships represents men’s inability to talk about gender. In essence, men have not developed a relationship with gender discourses other than to serve as as honorary women at best, or to ignore them altogether at worst, but they have not yet developed a vocabulary for gender rooted in a critical understanding of their own experiences as males. In regard to Smith, it’s not so much that women are provoking violence against themselves, it’s that women, too, can be abusers but often aren’t held accountable as such–and it’s more prevalent than people think. This is the importance of Smith’s debacle, the opportunity to discuss men’s experiences–not as a diversion from women’s, but as a unique and disregarded space ignored by most. Continue Reading!