“Troy Floyd Sr.” by Ronald Floyd

Ronald FloydThe person I chose to do my blog on is my grandfather. His name is Troy Floyd Sr. He was born on October 29, 1934, in Gonzalez, Texas. His mother’s name was Rosie Floyd and his father’s name was Andre Floyd. My grandfather was the 2nd oldest out of 8. He has seven brothers and zero sisters. Even though he was the 2nd oldest he was the shortest in height among them. Growing up my grandfather was really interested in sports, mainly baseball and football.

Me:     What elementary school did you attend?

Him:   When I was in elementary I attended an elementary school called Booker T. Washington in Corpus Christi, Texas, where I played flag football from third to fifth grade.

Me:     Where did you attend high school?

Him:   I attended a small high school called Solomon Melvin Coles. In high school I really interested in baseball, I also played fast pitch softball.

Me:     Did you attend college, and if so, where?

Him:   After high school I attended Prairie View A&M (an HBCU). I took classes there for two and a half years and then I went to the U.S. Army in March 14, 1957.

Me:     Where were you stationed first in the army?

Him:   I was stationed in Fortbliss Station in El Paso, Texas. After that I was sent to Fortchappy, Arkansas in June 1957.

Me:     What did you study in the Military?

Him:   While in the Military I took a ten-week course called general supply. I was really interested in the medical department. I eventually was assigned to another base to start working as a medial supplier.  I worked in the specialist medical office.

Me:     When were you discharged from the military?

Him:   On March 15, 1959 he was honorably discharged from the U.S Army.

Me:     Where did you meet your current wife?

Him:   In 1961 I moved to California where I met a lady named Cecile Burns in 1961, which later became my wife in August 1962.  We ended up having three children, one boy and two girls.

Me:     Where did you work when you moved to California?

Him:   After moving, I California worked at Panta Industry, which was a lab technician place. In 1976 I started working for the City Of Berkeley in the finance department.

Me:     What year did you start your own ice cream company business?

Him:   I started the ice cream shop in April 1975. It was a great store because everyone in the community would come there and support my business.

Me:     What year did the ice cream shop close down?

Him:   The ice cream shop closed down in 1994 due to lack of employers because my children worked for me but by that time that were grown with kids of their own to focus on so I had to understand.

Me:     What was the name of the Pop warner football team you made in Berkeley, CA, and what year did you start it?

Him:   In 1978 I made a pop warner football team for the ages of 8-16 called the Berkeley Cougars. Until this very day the Berkeley Cougars is still going strong.

Me:     What year did you retire?

Him:   I retired from the City Of Berkeley in August 2000.

Me:     What do you do now for work?

Him:   I currently referee high school football, pop warner football, and girls’ softball games.


I chose my grandfather to write about because he definitely doesn’t match the stereotype of a black males in the media. The media deprives black males, as if they are all criminals and always up to no good. The black male image is looked at as a rude, player type who doesn’t treat women right.

My grandfather to me was the total opposite. He always in a good mood no matter how he feels or what’s going on in his life. If you want to hear positive advice without someone making you feel low, my grandfather the one to go to. His advice is always on point and going to direct you in the right place. I’ve never even heard my grandfather curse. That’s very surprising coming from a black male that’s stereotyped as being an ignorant black male.

Everything he did for the community helped out the young people in the area. He gave people a place to feel safe and also get the young men of the community to stay out of trouble.

He also was a very religious person almost his whole life. He goes to church and make sure he reads his bible almost everyday which is very good because black males aren’t usually expected to be in church and help their lives. He is very involved with the church and also attends bible study and other meetings that help the pastor and the church.

He is my role model when it comes to everything from cooking to females. He knows how to treat women and he also is a very smooth talker. The black male (stereotypically) usually does not know how to treat women and abusing them mentally and physically.

My grandfather doesn’t believe in violence or hurting anyone that he knows or doesn’t even know. He’s a great person a conflict resolution and always tries to look at the story both ways so people understand. He never picks any sides and always relates things back to religion.  Some don’t like when he relates things back to religion, but he makes them understand that’s it for the best to be involved in church. He has talked a lot of people into going to church and that God is the best thing that could ever happen to you. If you trust in him then everything will turn out just fine.  If it weren’t for my grandfather I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I listened to some things he says when I was younger but now since I’m older I wish I listened to everything he told me.

I appreciate my grandfather a lot and I don’t even think he knows it. He was the definition of a man, a strong black male that has came a long way and helped others to better themselves as he betters his self.


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