“Freddie Charles Anderson” by Chanese Thomas

Chanese ThomasThe person that I chose that that breaks down the barriers of the stereotypes displayed in the media is Freddie Charles Anderson, who is one of the bosses. Fred was born on May 20, 1954 in Hale Center, Texas. Fred moved to Huron, CA on August 1, 1970 and that is where he grew up. He lived with his great aunt and grandmother who raised him to be an impeccable man. In high school and college, Fred played baseball. He now plays softball for an elderly team in Fresno. Fred met his wife in high school his senior year. She was a sophomore and she ran track. He describes their love as a wonderful thing that happened when he first laid his eyes on her.

Fred served in the Air Force from 1982-1986, where he was a security officer and later became Air Force captain. He also served in the Navy from 1975-1979, where he built bombs. Fred attended West Hills Junior College, Fresno State and the University of Phoenix. He received his degree in criminology from Fresno State and his Master’s degree in management from University of Phoenix. Fred has worked for the Fresno County Economic Opportunity Commission as a counselor and Turning Point as a counselor. He is now retired, but works as a coordinator in the after school program at Holland Elementary School. He also gives golf lessons to children and adults. Fred has two children, Keisha and Charles, which are now starting their own families. Fred also does community service within the Fresno community. One recent community service project that he has done is a fundraiser for his wife and fellow church members to travel to Haiti.

Mr. Anderson really contributes to the fact that all stereotypes in the media are not all true. Mr. Anderson is still married to his wife for thirty-three years and they have a beautiful family. His daughter Keisha graduated from University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree, her masters from University of Alabama and her doctorate from Hampton University in pharmacology. Keisha is now married and works as a pharmacist. Fred’s son Charles also served in the Navy from 2002-2012 as an electrician. Charles is now going back to school for his bachelor’s degree in physics. It is clear that this not the typical black elder (like Madea) shown in media. Fred deals with children every day and loves his job. He cares about his family and wants them to go as far as they can in life. He paid for his daughter’s bachelor’s degree, which shows that he cares about his children’s education.

Popular media displays stereotypes about African American males. Some of these stereotypes consist of “black men do not take care of their children,” “Black males are over sexualized,” “Black males are lazy,” and the list can continue. I feel like Fred does not fit any of these stereotypes because it is clear that he does in fact take care of his children because he shows them love and provides for them financially. He does not fit the stereotype that black males are over sexualized because he has been married for thirty-three years with the same women that he truly loves. Fred does not fit the stereotype that black males are lazy because he served in two types of military branches, has an education, and still works after he has retired.   I have heard so many stories about his family and how he first met his daughter’s boyfriend. He told me that he made sure his daughter was treated correctly and with respect. He has old traditional values and it is an amazing experience to work with him.


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