Stephen Jackson this is my mentor


My black male figure over the age of 40 that has made  a contribution to a community, family, and to myself personally is Christopher Blaire Brisco . Mr. Brisco grew up in Carson , California with one brother and two sisters and lived with their mother that raised them on her own. Chris’s mom was a hard working nurse that provided for her family. His father wasn’t around much but he was the first person to put a basketball in his hand. Growing up Brisco and his family were going through some struggles and there was times his mother had to make tough decisions on whether to pay the gas and light bill or the water bill. The area he lived in was very tempting to go out and do the wrong thing but one way he dealt with his struggle was playing basketball with all his boys in the neighborhood.  Chris played basketball all 4 years in high school, and then went 2 hours away from Carson to play basketball at Glendale JC. After 2 years at point guard Chris got a scholarship to attend Point Loma Nazarene University located in San Diego, California. Majoring in Physical Education Chris Brisco was a good overall Point Guard that could do everything you asked  as a coach .  He played basketball at the Point Loma Nazarene and graduated with a degree in physical education. After college he decided to live  in the  Point Loma area where he  got a job at Cabrillo Recreation facilitating basketball clinics. As time went on he became a P.E teacher/ Substitute teacher for numerous schools.  In the summer of 2000 is when everything was upcoming for Chris Brisco at Cabrillo recreation. He starting conducting 3 youth camps for boys and girls of the ages 5-16.  The camps were 3 times a summer for 1 week each. The camps he hoisted were named  Basketball Bonanza, Fabulous Football, Sensational Soccer  where he  taught the fundamentals of these 3 sports and how to be a good sportsmanship, leader, and competitor. In addition to teaching those skills his camps included a lot of fun activities that allowed the children to interact with others kids their same age. The camps were so successful he got the job of being the coach of the Cabrillo Recreation Center’s basketball and flag football teams.  Going forward Chris continued to have success and accomplish winning many trophy’s.  In 2006, he got a coaching job at Point Loma High School as a head coach  on the JV basketball team and was the assistant head coach for varsity . His 2nd year as a Point Loma JV coach  he won the Eastern League and the basketball program was on the rise. Three years after that he finally achieved the job of head coach of  the varsity team.  There was a lot of pressure  his first year and he responded well by leading the Point Loma varsity team to the playoffs for the first time in years. By winning his first playoff game that allowed him to play the 2 time defending champions Hoover High but Point Loma came up short and ended up losing by 2 points which was one hell of a game by the coaches and players. When that season was over Chris Brisco got offered to help out with the football program at  Point  Loma.   They offered him to coach the freshman DB’s and he took it with no hesitation because he loved the game of football and wanted to get back into it.




Chris Brisco is one of the well-respected black males in our community because he is very involved with encouraging athletes to do the right thing and to stay focused in school and out of trouble.  During the summer he has a basketball tournament for adults and teenagers that is called Brisco’s Blacktop. Adults played on Monday nights, teenagers played on Tuesday nights. He chose to do this because he wished somebody would have done this for him when he was young. To come to a place where you play basketball against other people and compete, and having the community to come out and support socializing with everybody and listening to the DJ play his music while Brisco is on the microphone announcing basketball play by play. When you look at it from a different perspective it’s more than playing basketball at the black top. It’s where people can leave their personal problems at home and come to a place where  you feel comfortable. The biggest mentor that has made a contribution to my life up to this day is Chris Brisco . He was the first person to introduce me to sports.  I met him at a very young  age when I was 6 years old, he was the one who taught me how to shoot a basketball and  how to catch a football. One day he called my dad and asked if I wanted to go to one of his basketball camps next thing I know I’m meeting him outside for him to pick me up. Ever since that day I had been going to all his camps for years. Another thing he taught me was always have a plan  A, B, and C in life for instance if sports  don’t work out or you get injured and can’t play anymore what would you do?  Back then I didn’t have an answer because I was young  but I do now.  I remember him talking to me about college when I was still in  high school and every conversation we had did benefit me because I’m living the college life now and I remember everything he said.  The stereotype he faces in today’s society is all my friend says Brisco sells drugs because of the fancy car he drives.  In the past he used to have a Hummer 2 chromed out on 22’s with multiple T.V.’s in the car. I remember when he first got it that was the rumor around school and people were really coming up to me and asking about it. Another car he owned was Chrysler 300 chromed out it was a really nice car but he had to supposedly use his drug money to buy it. Yes, it bugged me that all my friends were saying that but it was like whatever because my knowledge of black masculinity wasn’t there. Now that I am taking this class and have knowledge of black masculinity my friends were being racist unintentionally. There basically saying it’s impossible for a black male to have a fancy car without selling drugs.  This all goes back to the betrayal of what a black man is supposed to be because living the flashy life, selling drugs, and unintelligent enough to make money to legal way. Looking back on my essay Chris Brisco  just wanted to share his knowledge of sports  and the passion he had for basketball with young black males and give them a direction in life.  I was just grateful to have a person in my life that cared about me and wanted me to be more successful than ever. He gave me the mindset that I was going to college and  I know he is proud that I am attending a Division 1 college at  Fresno State.





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