Pastor Larry G. Meeks Rightoues Path Through Time by: Trevone Caraway


Professor Johnson


15 May 2012

Trevone Caraway

Pastor Larry G. Meeks was born and raised in Bakersfield; CA.  He has been married to his beautiful wife Dinnie Meeks since 1966. They have two children who both do work for the church. He is the Pastor of Williams Memorial Church of God In Christ. Pastor Larry G. Meeks is a strong follower of GOD. Pastor Meeks is blessed to be raised by both his mother and father in the same household. His parents stayed together until death. His father worked from sunrise to sunset as the first black electrical service man. His father was also a preacher. His mother was a stay at home mom. He is the middle of 8 boys and 1 girl sibling family. Growing up with that many people in one household was always a “sibling rivalry”. The older brother was the “boss” so to say, while the younger kids were to fight for attention.  His father worked the whole family at 5am for prayer and to do things around the house. His father was very tough on them when it comes to working hard. His father always says “if you work hard there is no need to take anything from anyone.”

Pastor Meeks went to an all-white school around the time of racial segregation. He says he can count all five blacks that went to that school. He was constantly harassed with racial slurs and the adults that were at the school looked the other way. The only person he could look up to was his father. His father taught him how to ignore them racial slurs. He said going to an all-white school made him stronger as a person and a loner. It also taught him to be self dependent. Pastor Meeks says he no genius but he worked hard in school and did well in school. When he graduated high school he went to the military.

Meeks was drafted the time of the Vietnam War. His entry scores were so high going into the drafted he was a high ranked officer. While he was in Vietnam his station was run over by the enemy. The military left him and 5 of his men to die. They had no weapons, food, or shelter. After this incident Meeks did not want to be in the military anymore. Pastor Meeks said his prayer to get out the military was “Lord if you get me out the military and back home to my wife safe I will be good the rest of my life.” All the abandoned shoulders made it home and Meeks was the only one that had nothing wrong with him. He said he don’t want to start telling what was going on over there in Vietnam. The stores are too gruesome and he deleted that out his mind. 

After the military he went back to school at UC Davis. Pastor Meeks has a Bachelor Degree from University of California at Davis. He also has a Masters of Arts in Administration, and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology along with two honorary Doctorate Degrees. To get through school he said his motivation was all the people telling him he wasn’t going to graduate nor be anything in life. They called him the dumb farmer boy and many other cruel things. After his schooling he went to work for the government. He also worked with structures of the California prison systems. Pastor Meeks is the Former director of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for the State of California. He is a former School Board Member elected to that office for over 13 years. For 20 years he wrote a weekly Q&A column that was published throughout the whole nation. Pastor Meeks now creates metal object from his shop that can be seen throughout Sacramento and mainly his church.

Pastor Meeks has been the pastor of Williams Memorial Church of God In Christ since 2005. He is the fifth pastor at Williams Memorial. Before him was Elder Reuben C. Meeks, Pastor Larry Meeks father. Pastor Meeks bloodline comes from a line of men who pray and men who works in the church. He said he joined the church just to be the Deacon in 1988. He started to do work around the church and started to do minister work. Pastor Meek is the only pastor I know that the church pays him but he takes the check and donate it back to the church. He and the church staff do a lot for the community. Not just for holidays but sometimes once a month to once a week they do something for the low income community the church is based in.

Every Saturday the church donates clothes, and clothes to low families in the community. Every Tuesday, and Thursday, he gives tutoring for groups of all ages and grades. He believes if he can get these kids a few days out the week he can push them enough to graduate high school. Every Wednesday he hosts family night where parents and children can enjoy a meal and just play games as a family. He wants to slowly reinstall when families sits at a table and have dinner instead of be segregated to they own space. The gives turkeys away every thanksgiving and hundreds of people be lined up to get a turkey. Every Christmas time he does the toys from taught. He started his own program that is getting hype around Sacramento called “Bless a Child.” Bless a Child is when he gather all the kids around the community and pray for the parents and children and give the family some type of package. Pastor Meeks also gives counseling with married couples and single parents with children.

Pastor Meeks has a vision for the community and for the city of Sacramento. He one day wants to open a park where children can go and not worry about gangs, drugs, and sex. The park will heavy secure with 24/7 security guards. He wants to buy and rebuild homes around the community and have the people living there pay little to nothing in rent and bills. The only things are the kid’s needs to be enrolled in school and go and get a 2.0 grade point average. From the parents perspective no violence, sex, or drugs is not allowed. He wants children and adults take care of the elderly with respect like it is a chore. He also wasn’t to buy a grocery store where the store has reasonable prices. He also wants to get the community centers the way they used to be. He wants no more drugs, sex, and violence at the community centers around the community. His final vision for Sacramento is to have every one living holy and following the path of his religious believes.

The typical stereotypes for a black male are usually, lazy, unemployed, hypersexual, violent, and uneducated; just too name a few. Pastor Meek absolutely does not fall in the typical stereotypes that are all over the media. Nor his parents fell in the stereotypes. Both Pastors Meeks have a strong work edict. Fathers Meeks stayed with his wife till death and from what Larry Meeks tells me they never argued.  Pastor Larry Meeks has been with his wife since 1966. This shows there is no need for single parents and the marriage system still works.

Pastor Meeks is a man of God and a person who is never satisfied. Whatever he does, he is always thinking of ways or ideas on how he could have done something better. He says “I always think of things I could have done better after sometimes during the events.” With Pastor Meeks being my mentor and my role model I wish to be like him one day. You don’t have to be a rapper, athlete, or an actor to be successful and get out the media stereotypes.


One thought on “Pastor Larry G. Meeks Rightoues Path Through Time by: Trevone Caraway

  1. Brother Caraway, my name is Elder Samuel Lee Parker, Jr. I served as Youth Pastor of Williams Memorial Church of God In Christ in 1981 & 82. The pastor in 1981 was Supt. Reuben Meeks, Jr., he was subsequently followed by Elder Solomon Irving, Sr. I knew Pastor Larry Meeks and his family as well as his father and mother. Gloria and Dinnie’s dear mother, whom I am my family where blessed to live with briefly. I am elated to see Larry Meeks now as Pastor Meeks and to hear of his enduring family legacy; however, your recital of the lineage of this church is inaccurate. As well as some of the dates you list.

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