Black Male Recognition Essay Walter Brown

Nicole Brown






            Born Walter Lee Brown in Little Rock, Arkansas he was the eldest of ten children.  Raised , in Monterey, California where he attended K-12.  My father’s early childhood years he had experienced an absent father, and his mother Theresa Robinson was a strong domineering women from the south.  Walter has rarely seen his mother back down, whether the opposition was the church, the police or any male in authority.  In the interview, I learned more than I had ever known about my father.  He expressed how the woman of the house affected him.   He recants stories of lying in bed hearing his mother fuss and fight with her newfound husband and vows to himself to control his wife.  In his early twenties he wrestled with the idea of manhood and how it was to be displayed.  Applying his early childhood memories coupled with the question of how a man is supposes to perform? Love his wife or have many women? Is a man suppose to take care of his children, or do what I ‘ve seen my father do, run off.  As my father is expressing these ideas and questions of masculinity I realize I have the same dilemma.  Walter, early entrepreneur learned his craft from and elder in the church. The elder of the church took my father under his wing and mentored him on how to bid on contracts, with business owners on the peninsula.  My father is a very charismatic man possessing people skills and a winning smile.  He was very successful in obtaining work and building relationships.  He became well known as a hardworking man with several mouths to feed.  Walter expressed how coming home from a long- hard day to the arms of his wife and children made him a man.  My father has impacted my family and my life in countless ways.  Since my father was the oldest, his little brothers and sisters wanted to be just like him, successful, confident, highly respected and comfortable.  They modeled their life after him and in turn became just like their big brother.  My life has been impacted in many ways.  First, as I look and observe families without fathers and analyze how the females of those particular families begin to develop and obtain misleading thoughts of men and how those thoughts have lead them to great misfortune in the social realm.  The general idea that black men are not worthy, so the value of men is absent , therefore, the female acts and speaks in devalue.  My father has shown me the value of men to families and how men affect communities.  Next, due to my father great entrepreneurial spirit he never hired workers, we were his workers, five female daughters.  Those long summer days would begin at 5:00 a.m. and end when the last job was completed, usually by 1:00.  I learned the value of hard work.  Many task people may consider complicated I’m usually like is that all.  I buffed gym floors at 12 years old.  I can work for long periods of time and be efficient.  I give my father the credit for spending the time to prepare me for a world that will never give you a break. 




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